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Rsync backup for Android to Mac

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Setup Rsync backup for Android

1) Download Rsync backup for Android

2) Open the application, download the binaries when prompted.

download binaries for rsync

3) Bring up the menu and choose “Generate keys”

Generate public and private rsa keys for android

4) Private key will be stored in /sdcard/dss_key, public as /sdcard/ After generation you will be asked how to send your public key. (Press “OK”)

Storing Keys

5) It will take several seconds to generate the keys, then you will be asked, “How do you want to send your generated public key?”

6) Choose email.

7) Now copy the public key into the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys of the Mac desktop.

8) The public key is now installed on the Mac desktop and Rsync backup for Android is ready to established a connection.

9) Setup the Rsync profile on your Android and happy backup!!!

The rsync configuration shot

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