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Coffee Waves

December 30, 2016

First Wave ~1960’s

Coffee grew among the masses and the general consumer was able to easily access coffee daily at home or at the office.

Instant coffee, like those from Folgers, Maxwell and Nestle became popular.

Taste of First Wave coffee was weak and had lots of acidity. It was quantity over quality so folks had to put ton of cream and sugar in their coffee to make up for the taste.

First Wave = Coffee to consume

Second Wave ~ Late 1960’s

Starbucks brought higher quality coffees and espresso based drinks to the masses.

People started learning about coffee beans and how it’s brewed (French Press etc.)

Second Wave = Coffee to enjoy

Third Wave ~ 1990’s

Coffee drinkers became interested in the character of the coffee itself: where it’s from, how it’s created, who trades it, who roasts it and how it’s brewed.

Adding to espresso drinks, hand drip coffees (with carefully chosen tools) became very popular during the Third Wave.

High quality beans aka Specialty coffees and light roasts are distinctive features of the Third Wave. People started enjoying coffee like a wine or craft beer.

Third Wave = Coffee to appreciate

So what’s the Fourth Wave going to be??

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