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Cisco switch IOS update using tar

3750#archive download-sw ?
  /destination-system  specify destination system to receive software
  /force-reload        Unconditionally reload system after successful sw
  /imageonly           Load only the IOS image(s)
  /leave-old-sw        Leave old sw installed after successful sw upgrade
  /no-set-boot         Don't set BOOT -- leave existing boot config alone
  /no-version-check    skip version check that prevents incompatible image
  /only-system-type    specify individual system type to be updated
  /overwrite           OK to overwrite an existing image
  /reload              Reload system (if no unsaved config changes) after
                       successful sw upgrade
  /safe                Always load before deleting old version
  flash1:              Image file
  flash2:              Image file
  flash:               Image file
  ftp:                 Image file
  rcp:                 Image file
  tftp:                Image file

This example shows the command in use and the switch output during the upload process:

3750#archive download-sw /leave-old-sw tftp:// c3750-i5-tar.122-20.SE.tar
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