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Hack your Dlink NAS (DNS-323)

To hack your Dlink NAS (DNS-323) with root access:

1) Setup your NAS via the GUI and ready to be use.
2)  Copy fun_plug and fun_plug.tgz to Volume 1 and reboot. If successful, the fun_plug.tgz file is unpacked (ffp directory) and deleted. A telnet server is started.
3) Telnet into the NAS
4) Run the commands and choose a secure password for the root account:

usermod -s /ffp/bin/sh root

5) Run the commands:


You may ignore warnings about missing home directories and invalid group names. If asked to remove a duplicate user, say ‘yes’ to remove one of them. Rerun the commands to check that it’s fixed.

6) Test your changes with the login program:


7) If that worked, save the password files to flash memory:


8) Disable telnet and start the SSH server instead. First, test ssh login:

cd /ffp/start
sh sshd.sh start

9) Login from a remote host now (as root, of course). If it works, disable telnet and enable sshd permanently:

cd /ffp/start
chmod a-x telnetd.sh
chmod a+x sshd.sh

10) Reboot your NAS.

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