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MacOSX Easter egg – “Suck” Minimize effect

In OS X, you can choose between two minimization effects: Genie and Scale.

But there is a third effect, called Suck, which you can also use even though it is not available in the system preferences.

To use it:

1. Open a terminal window.
2. Type the following:

“defaults write com.apple.dock mineffect -string suck” (no quotation marks)

3. For the change to take effect, you need to restart the dock. You can either do this by:

Restarting your computer.
By opening the Activity Monitor application (should be in Applications > Utilities), finding the Dock application, and forcing it to quit. Once it quits, it will restart automatically.

(If you want to go back to either of the other effects, you can just make the change in your system preferences. Or, reuse the line above and replace suck with either genie or scale.)


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