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Mac myths exposed! Part 1


No they are not. They may have a higher up-front price than some equivalent PCs, but in the long run Macs often work out cheaper. When Windows Vista launched it required up-to-date hardware – so up-to-date, in fact, that many users found they couldn’t run it at all without a major upgrade. It was the same story for Windows XP, 2000 and Me before it.

With Apple producing both the hardware and the software, it can ensure that this doesn’t happen. The two are so finely crafted to work hand-in-hand that when Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger shipped, it was compatible with machines up to seven years old.

There are countless tales of people still using Macs 10 or more years old, either because they have been handed down through the years or because they bought them new and have never stopped using them. When you average the up-front cost of such a machine over such an extended working life, it usually ends up much cheaper than an equivalent PC, which would have become cluttered, fragmented and ground to a halt.

MAGBOOK “The Independent Guide to the Mac” 2nd Edition: Page 10

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